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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can I have it, please, mommy? (Craigslist moron)

Every morning I browse the new listings on Craigslist for "baseball" to find some good offers on cards. That rarely happens, and usually I see expensive but not crazy prices.

And then there's this:
I like 1989 Topps. I liked Oil Can Boyd, just because of his nickname (even though Topps didn't acknowledge it here). But I didn't know his 1989 Topps card is going for 200 dollers on ebay right know! I probably have 100 of those sitting in storage! I could have $20,000 to buy me a Babe Ruth cut autograph!

Yeah. I'm not contacting him. But I left the details there (I whited out part of the phone number for posterity) for some cruel freaks out there to have fun with it.

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