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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The MASSIVE Trade Bait HIT Post! Get 'em while they're cards!

...because eventually they'll become so upset with being unloved in an unwanted box, they'll revolt and turn into evil monsters!

I want these cards gone. You can buy them or trade for them. I can include them in free with clearance team lot purchases (several still available). And as for the remaining clearance teams, I'll take offers (but I can't do anything about shipping).

Please leave comments below to claim! Are you ready for 88 pictures of low-grade awesomeness? They could all be yours for less than the price of two boxes of most 2011 baseball releases! Or just buy a few.

I believe I deleted all the claimed scans already, as of 3:30 Saturday.

Leave comments below! Remember, TRADE or BUY! Make offers! And then I can complete the whole clearance thing!


  1. I'd like to claim the Helton and the Mortensen. I'll check what I have for them and get back to you.

  2. I'd like to try and deal for the Stanton, Belt and the two Ruth Heroes cards.

  3. I'll take the Niemann, Cecil & Bard autos plus the Heyward patch card if no one else does before you reach Japan.

  4. Can you add the Daniel Cabrera and Ramon Hernandez to my clearance lot and add it to my shipping cost?

  5. Mike Stanton, tim Hardaway and the raplh kiner

  6. I have a Nick Markakis auto i could send your way with a few other really nice cards for the three.

  7. Dang I got beat to the Bard auto!! I would like the Lowrie sparkly one though. Let me know what you want for it and E-mail me your address so I can square up on the team lot.

  8. Some great stuff.

    I would be interested in:

    2001 Giants Keebler Set
    Jeff Kent GU

    Would be willing to buy or trade. Want to check out my photo bucket to see if there is something you are interested in?

  9. Hi Sir.

    Strawberry, Bill Madlock, Billy Hamilton, Brandon Phillips, Mike Leake, Weeks, Hoffman, Smoltz, A-Rod.

    Please also officially mark me down for the Reds and for the A&G Mysterious Figures mini set. Yeah, I know you're hold cards for me still. I've had a dickens of a time finding you good stuff you need so perhaps we can settle something this way in the interest of time. Let me know what I owe you here.


  10. Out me down for the Rangers Triple jersey, the Rhodes silk and the Byrd Rangers auto and lastly that Harrison auto. Oh yea, any of the unclaimed USA players too.

  11. I like the Angels cards except for the Rodney, already got it.

  12. I'd love the Biggio jersey. I'll find a few things for you.