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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Insanity - Ryne Sandberg is HOT

If someone offered you 127 cards for a single non-black diamond die cut, would you take it?
crumberger really wants my Ryno. The oldest card is, obviously, from 1971 (there are three), but about a third of the offer is 1970s. There's some scrub diamond die-cut at the bottom of the offer, too. Am I going to accept the offer? Nope. But that's just crazy - how long did it take to check off all 127 cards in his portfolio for this one request?

The other offer you see (I've already declined the other 140 or so offers in the portfolio) is from plockhead, for three diecuts - Scherzer, King Felix, and someone else. I'm keeping that one as a debatable offer, but really I would rather turn the Sandberg around for a black die-cut.

About half the offers I receive are for that one card. I have 36 cards in my portfolio, going back to 1958. I've been offered 1953 Topps cards for the Sandberg, but I've declined them. cardboardicons, I see you with your 15 different (nice) offers, but without a black diecut, I gotta decline them all. Maybe if someone offered me two nice legends - perhaps two of the following: Schmidt, Gwynn, Griffey Jr, Frank Thomas, or Nolan Ryan - I'd pull the trigger.

Heh, Homer's got crabs. Nobody better lay a finger on my Ryno!


  1. 127 is nothing. I got an offer for 466 cards for my Ryno. A nice offer, but once you trade that card away, it's TOUGH to get back, plus, the way the website is formatted, it would be too much of a pain to deal with that many cards. Either way, you can do better.

  2. Quantity is NOT quality on that site. esides how much would it cost to get all that crap shipped?

  3. 127 cards would probably cost about $100 to ship to you, lol, according to Topps "mail costs".

  4. My Hosmer gets the same kind of attention. Pretty silly. If we could count on those old cards being in better than Good condition, it might be worth it.

  5. As you guys say, a giant stack of cards doesn't equal a die-cut Ryne Sandberg. If they were all 1975 and older, with several 1960s issues, I'd seriously consider the offer. Once I hit 45 rings, I'll have free shipping on 25 cards, I believe. Even so, it still probably wouldn't be worth it.

    Still holding out for that black diecut...