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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Now does this card scream Christmas or what?

 Look at that red and green all over the place! It's the perfect card to be the angel on my baseball card Christmas tree... if I had one. Instead, it sits here at the top of the post, being all merry and happy!

It's numbered 2/5 and is a red refractor from Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. I bought this and a bunch of other cards for the type collection from Community Gum recently. While I'd love to show you every single card I bought (there's a gold refractor /50, two blue refractors /199, and a regular refractor), my little sheet-fed scanner hates Chrome cards. And most Upper Deck, Finest, and Donruss high-gloss issues as well. It just doesn't want to feed them. So instead I'll show you the non-Chromeys.
 Black borders = extra cropping by the scanner. That's the regular refractor of Bryan Shaw.
 Blue prospect /499
Blue rookie /499

And that's about it for Bowman DPP for me! Thanks to Andy at Community Gum, I don't need to think much about this set anymore! And I rarely see red when it comes to Bowman, so that's a super bonus!

If you don't follow Community Gum, you probably should. They break cases and sell off the extras pretty cheap. They also do case breaks of various products - I participated in a Lineage break that went fairly well.

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