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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The big scan-off!

I alluded before that I've been scanning cards. I scanned all the loose awards-leaders cards (1200 exactly, other than Gold Glove and Silver Slugger cards) and my personal collection cards (about 300 more). Next, I'll tackle the type collection cards. This is a tedious task, but something I feel will be beneficial while in Japan. If only I had enough time to do the same with the cards in Georgia - I'm going to attempt to scan many of them but I don't think I'll be too successful.

I wish I had some new scans for you, but I haven't had any new arrivals lately.

I just realized, today's posts are exactly the same as yesterday's: a post about money in cards, and a post about scanning cards!

So let's look at a couple cards from Stadium Club. This is what flagship Topps should be like. A borderless base card with minimal design featuring a high-quality interesting photo. Sean Burroughs looks to be about ready to swipe-tag somebody at second base. Ryan Klesko is leaping into second base while the Rockies' Jose Ortiz watches it happen. Both shots are of Padres in their alternate jerseys. Oddly enough, there are no Padres logos fully visible on either card - with a little bit of airbrushing on Burroughs you couldn't tell what team either of them play for. Both shots take place around second base. The photos are interesting and eye-catching. Take note, Panini: this is what Topps no longer provides and what Upper Deck did best, but can't do anymore. This is what you need to provide. This, and modern-design art cards, like the Diamond Kings used to provide. Do I sound like a broken record? I know what I like, and what the hobby's missing.


  1. I may be in the minority, but I prefer bordered cards to full bleed. There is only so much you can do with full bleed cards to make them different. Whereas bordered cards rarely ever look the same (except for Bowman). Plus, they add a little character to the cards making them more than mere snapshots.

  2. I have to agree that there is the ability for more variety in design from year to year in most bordered sets, but Upper Deck, Ultra and Stadium Club all did pretty good changing designs at least a bit from year to year even with generally borderless cards. I'm getting tired of the white borders on Topps, though, and I miss having a yearly issue that highlights great baseball photography.