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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Morning Post for the Night Owl

I'm slowly compiling a mental list of all the things I'll miss in Japan. I've gone a full week without Chinese food and I think I'm going through withdrawal. I'll be without several of my favorite TV shows, many discovered in the past year. Shows unlike this (skip to 2:30 for the good stuff):
You gotta love a man with a mullet whistling with his throat.

I'm also going to miss Rock Band/Guitar Hero. What am I going to do without my gaming drums? I wonder if there's a J-Pop version of Band Hero.
Close, but not quite.

And movies. Like the Muppet movies.
Coming soon to a theater near you?

I'll also miss trading cards - by that I mean the act of trading cards. I'm looking forward to finding cards from many of the 1500+ sets in the Tokyo area, and I'll make use of COMC and eBay for recent cards that I can't find in Japan. But trading will be tough, and I'll miss trading with all the great people I've dealt with over the past year. Included in that list is night owl, who, incidentally, I've never sent cards to. So have I really traded with him yet?

Mr. owl sent me a small stack of cards recently, to ensure one last package before I cross the Pacific.
 Award winners from 2011? Check!
 Sixty Years of Reprints? Check!
 Champions of Kimball? Check again!
Random unknown oddball? One last check! Greg sent a note saying he wasn't sure what this card was, but I have one, so I can tell you that it was included with a Bradford Exchange collector's plate that probably had the same painting as seen on the card. But that doesn't mean I don't need this card, because he's headed to my awards collection.

Incidentally, I've never sent a package back to Greg. His prior package was a "consolation prize" and this one showed up unexpectedly. However, I have some stuff I know any Trolley Dodger-loving bird of the evening would enjoy, and it will be mailed before the stamps come yen instead of US dollars!

Thanks Greg!

How about a bird video?

And a strange music video by a band called Owl City? Well, the song is by Owl City. The music video looks like it was done by a night owl's daughter. (PS, it's a cool video.) It's better than the real music video.

'Tis all for now! Thanks again mr. night owl! It really was great to have some new cards in my hands this week!


  1. Japan does have it's version of Guitar Hero and Drum Hero as well. You'll find game arcades that have them all over Tokyo.
    I'm sure you'll find some people who like to trade cards. Some of the relics you showed us in your trade bait post might get you more than you expected (a card shop I went to recently was selling an autographed topps 60 card for 10000 yen , aprox. $100), a lot more than you could get for it on eBay.

  2. Birdies! Muppets!

    I've mailed cards to England, Australia and even Canada (heh). I'm sure I can mail to Japan.

  3. Kenny: I guess I'll be spending more money in the arcades than I expected! I wasn't aware that US cards went for that much in Japan. I might have to bring a small stack to trade for some Japanese cards.

    night owl: mailing internationally has never been a problem for me, but it gets expensive pretty fast (I just spent $45 sending some cards to The Netherlands).