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Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Packs: The Worst Selection of Cards Ever

I love the Americana brand. Where else can I find a great selection of my favorite B, C, and D level actresses with autographs and pieces of cut-up clothes they wore once to the grocery store but sold to Donruss because they spilled some coffee on and couldn't get the stain out?
 Five cards, five disappointments.
 Peter Brown is best known for Lawman, Laredo, and a bunch of guest spots. So, he's not really best known for anything I'd ever head of before I just IMDB'd his name. Plus, they bought a photo of him coming out of a gas station convenience store in the 1970s with a cup of what is probably the worst coffee in the world.
 The least-known Baldwin brother. I don't consider myself attractive by pretty much any standard, but I know I look better than Danny boy here.
 Wow. Barry Pearl is best known as one of the three supporting T-Birds in the movie Grease. Does anybody know or care about any of the supporting actors in Grease enough to want their autograph? Is there really a demand for a full set of cast signatures? This is bottom of the barrel as far as celebrities are concerned. What's next? That girl that appeared in the background in a 1989 episode of Days of Our Lives?
 Great, another forgettable guy who's had (at best) supporting roles in movies. You may recognize him as Flat Top in the Dick Tracy movie. Yep, that's his highlight. It's a good movie, but again, who cares about Flat Top?
Well, we finish strong with Geoff Stults. He had a part on 7th Heaven for 23 episodes, and October Road (never heard of it) for 19 episodes. I've seen him in a few movies, but never noticed him. However, it looks like he's getting his own show, a spin-off of Bones.

Five packs, five nobodies. Where's my Aria Giovanni card? How about Bree Olsen? What about the cast of Community? I guess 2009 was a bit early for Community members to be on a card set - they weren't long forgotten yet.

Well, that was pack 11. Tomorrow, I'll wrap up this series with the big one! I think I might be overselling it. We'll find out.


  1. Bree Olsen huh? I uhh....doubt it. Would be fancy though...

  2. Ted: Yeah, not going to happen, though she's certainly more famous than anyone in this pack!