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Saturday, December 3, 2011

You want HITS? I have TRADE BAIT!

That's right, the hits have hit the blog. I posted nearly 90 relics, autographs, and other cool cards this morning, all available for trade or sale. I want them gone. If you see something you want, let me know! We can work something out. I don't expect anything great in return, so don't think you need to off Tim Lincecum autographs in return!
In honor of this sale/trade-off, here are several sales-based videos to entertain you.
Tajazzle. Available now on the Jersey Shore.

The below one is NSFW. Seriously. (audio)
Perfect for your favorite patriotic collector.

Why can't all door-to-door salesmen be like this?

And now, the perfect gift for your baby or toddler:

Now that you're in such a great mood, give yourself a nice little Christmas gift. Buy a remaining team in my clearance sale (accepting offers including trades) and/or get hit in a good way with my trade bait from this morning!

Back to normal posts tomorrow. I promise!

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  1. I Want That Belt! I make an offer when I get home!