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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 Packs: I Love The '80s.

Ahh, childhood. It didn't take VH1 very long to give my generation its own clip show only about a decade after our adolescences ended. Great things came from the 1980s, including this horrible movie:

Can you name the movie?
 I remember buying GPK cards at the corner store. Or maybe we had to walk all the way down to Walgreens. That was a long block by foot as a kid. I've been collecting the new GPK series since they brought the line back a few years ago, though I've fallen behind lately. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the Flashback series are reprints.
 or, aHead Fred!
 Leonardo Da Snotti?
 Mmm. Brains.
 How does she blow the bubble if her head is the bubble?
 I bet Lars wouldn't be as sick if he didn't eat keys and bones.
 This reminds me of...
No, this:

 Seen it before? No you haven't! The previous example has a pink border.
Shouldn't someone named Joltin' Joe have electrical abilities instead of Rambo-wear?
That was fun! More fun coming in the future!


  1. Everybody knows the Wizard, the greatest Nintendo propaganda movie ever starring Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, who had the best line ever: "EEK! HE TOUCHED MY BREAST!"

  2. I think that I've been spared from ever seeing that movie.

  3. And to think I paid money to see the Wizard in theaters!

  4. That Short Mort card cracks me up every time I see it. Yes, these are reprints. In the 80s they made fifteen(!) series from 1985 to 1988(!!). Thats absolutely crazy. Anyway, they've been reprinting them for the past two years and the third series just came out in Nov. I have a bunch of the first Flashback series duplicates if you'd like some of them.

  5. The Wizard was an awesome movie. I watched it again recently just to remember how great it really was.

    Ted: I might just pick up a complete set if I don't have it already. I don't even know what I have anymore - although it's in my lists. I certainly can't build a set right now! I'd love to have the full original run of GPKs, but that's beyond expensive, not to mention pretty tough.