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Friday, December 16, 2011

These cards are Grrrrrrreat!

Most collectors are familiar with the 3D cards Kelloggs issued in the 1970s, made by the company that eventually became Sportflics. However, the 1973 set is a little different. Can you tell what it is? This is the only non-3D issue made by the Kelloggs Company. This year's set was produced by Visual Panographics, instead of Xograph. I grabbed every one of these cards for about 50 cents each at last weekend's show, and while I already have a sample for my type collection, these cards will fit well in my awards collection.

It looks like Kelloggs bought their images from Topps, as they have the same basic portrait style seen on Topps issues of the time. I still love seeing some of those 1970s jerseys - the font on the Rangers jersey reminds me of a poorly themed old west area in a theme park.


  1. I have a Blyleven frm this set but didn't really know what it was. I'd be willing to trade it if you're interested.


  2. Hey Ryan, do you know if there's a show this weekend?

  3. moe: I think I'm done with this set. Thanks for the offer though!

    CCC: There wasn't a show this weekend, though there is a show all week at Hilltop Mall. You won't find much at all along the lines of cards, and there are only a few dealers set up. If you're looking for McFarlane figurines though, you'll have a good selection.