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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lots of Sportlots Lots!

I'm exhausted. Yet again I'm writing at midnight. I've come to accept that midnight is when I'm most inspired to write. The problem stems from the day's activities, which were strenuous and I will be quite sore in the upper body after my muscles decide to start complaining. Top that off with a lack of food until 10:30 tonight. Yes, I didn't eat - or drink - anything all day. I should have took a break and had some lunch, but I was on a mission and stuck with it until the end.

So, with another dozen emails to reply to and about 40 posts to catch up on from this morning, I'm about to go to bed. (You're reading this at 3pm Pacific time, but remember, it's midnight as I type this.) I hereby provide you with a bunch of cards I picked up on Sportlots toward set building.
 Card #402: done. All that remains is card #1001, which better be here today or tomorrow!
 I love these cards. I'll save the commentary for a full post sometime in the future.

 Topps Reprints. Nearly done with this set, too!
 I like these cards. I think they're pretty cool. You may not, because you don't like non-sport political cartoons in your baseball cards. I don't blame you for your beliefs, and if I didn't like non-sport cards I probably would have nothing to do with them either. But I want the set, and I want it cheap! So here's a McCain/Clinton card that gets me just a little closer to the complete set.

One of the dealers used the last two cards as bookends for my order, which is fine by me! They both fit into my World Series awards collection.
 Smiling pirates should never be trusted. See also: Pirates of the Caribbean.
I don't think the Cubs logo has ever changed. Okay, I take that back. It's changed plenty over time - the current logo arrived in 1979. But regardless of the font or what's inside, the C in Cubs has always been a large circular or oval shape surrounding whatever might be inside.

Now, I'm tired! Goodnight! Or good afternoon! ... I can't end on that. Here's a video to play me out.


  1. So much to say about this post... I'll start with the top and work my way down:

    A. You didn't eat until 10:30 last night? Damn... by 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I had eaten a olallieberry turnover (from Gayle's Bakery in Capitola), a slice of olallieberry pie (from Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero), and finally hibachi steak & two bowls of fried rice (from Benihana's). A lot of traveling, but well worth it. Oh, how I love being on Xmas break.

    B. You need card #1001? They make sets with over 1k cards now? Where have I been?

    C. Can't wait to read your 1998 Topps Etch-A-Sketch post... love these cards.

    D. Non-Sports cartoon cards... I've got your back!

    E. Fleer stickers... companies need to bring these back.

    F. Juggling... one of the things on my bucket list... so far I've managed to master two balls (wow... doesn't sound right), but can't fit the third one in (wow... that sounds worse).

    Happy holidays bro!

  2. Fuji:
    a) Yeah. Extremely busy. Go figure - eating awesome food is very important in the weeks leading up to leaving the country! Just not Japanese food - I'll get plenty of that in a month! I don't think I've ever had olallieberry pie, but you reminded me - banana cream and chocolate cream pies! Must have!
    b) Somehow. You can blame Upper Deck for this insanity! And it's short-printed!
    c) Yep!
    d) Yep!
    e) Yep!
    f) I used to be good juggling two baseballs (one hand - two hands is easy) but never got the third in there. And you have such a dirty mind for a middle school teacher! (And happy holidays to you too!)

    AIO: How much do you love sportlots? Do you love sportlots lots?! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

  3. What are you talking about? You know I meant tennis balls... right? LOL. If you like any kind of berry pie, then make sure you try olallieberry pie... you won't regret it.

    We drove over an hour... just to grab a slice.

  4. The post was great, but the comments got me laughing.

  5. Fuji: of course! Driving an hour for a slice of pie? Yowsers. Though I've driven an hour or more for things like that before. It takes an hour to get anywhere worthwhile in San Francisco by transit, it seems, so I guess that's the same thing.

    PATP: Agreed - I get some awesome comments!