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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Twelve Packs of Christmas:Main Event

Do you like seeing cards pulled from packs? Do you like totally random releases found in Target? Do you eat beans? ...
I was going to start posting these yesterday, but alas, my time was short and my internet scarce, so let's start now! I'm not going to sing for you. I already sang for you. Instead, I provide to you 12 random packs of cards over the next four days. There are some winners and some losers, and a big finish at the end!

We'll start off with 
2011 Press Pass Main Event. This is the first racing product I've ever opened. I'm hoping for a Danica Patrick card.
 I know that name.
 Ron Hornaday keeps the doctor away!
 Lots of black on these cards.
 No Danica yet. This pack is the... Bayne of my existence?
FedEx delivers disappointment to my pack of cards as there is no GoDaddy sponsored logos to be seen.

More soon!


  1. Trevor Bayne won the Daytona 500... still not as good as a Danica.

  2. Sweet Trevor card. He's a local boy. Young man, rather. Very nice guy.

  3. piratesfan: Danica > *. Too bad the only card I have of hers is the '06 Ginter card.

    Mark A: I'm sure he is, but he's no Danica! I can't remember the last time I actually watched racing.