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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not just a Christmas post!

I'm writing this post at 11pm - a full hour earlier than usual! I'll be up with the donut man, as I have a 7AM flight today to Atlanta to see my mom and work through my storage unit.

Atlanta-area people: any good card shops that I need to visit? I'll be heading to the shop in Kennesaw - but what about Freedom Cardboard. I think they have a shop, right? Will it be worth my time to visit it? Remember, I don't care much for packs. I'd be interested in browsing through quarter boxes or perhaps picking up a couple nice oddballs. Any suggestions will be welcome. I doubt there will be any card shows going during the week.

Speaking of Atlanta, these cards came from Morgan, who lives in the Atlanta area! She sent them to even us up for a trade package I sent recently, and she did a great job at it:
 Maddux! See, I told you my scanner hates black borders.
 Maddux! Batting! Bunting!
 Rader! Wait. What? Doug Rader won a few Gold Gloves back in the day, and while this card is far beyond  his playing days, it's the first for him. I think I still need three more of his cards.
And the other Doug is a member of the 300 Saves club. While easier to reach and thus not as prestigious as 300 Wins, it's still an accomplishment. Only 23 players have reached it so far, with a few more closing in. The 400 Saves club is only five members deep.

Thanks Morgan! These cards are fantastic!

Now, it's Christmas! Let the videos flow!
Cyriak's Christmas video from last year. Kind of dark.
Cyriak's Christmas video from this year. Kind of sick.
HAH! But that's not Christmasy.
Yeah, that's what Christmas means.
Who needs football when you have iJustine?
There we go. A real Christmas video. Mariah Carey, back when she was cute and fun and not a nasty diva.

Big finish:
Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. Hope you needed a few of the Maddux's for your collection.

    I'd recommend J&J's in Snellville. Lots of boxes to sort through and if you're looking for anything specific, just let them know and they can probably find it for you. They have EVERYTHING. One of the guys always gives me a great deal on the cards I pull. Super nice guy. I hate that I don't know his name so I can tell you. Their website is I hope you enjoy your trip to Atlanta!

  2. Merry Christmas to you guys as well!

    Morgan: I needed every single card. A perfect lot! I thought about J&J's. I should be over in that direction so I'll make sure to stop by. Thanks!