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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Card show pickups: A bit of social injustice, via the SF 49ers

I'm not much for politics on this blog, though I occasionally push some stuff through (perhaps more lately than I should?). However, this article caught my eye yesterday and I felt the need to share.

I'm not a fan of the big banks. They pretend to be customer-oriented and that they care about the customer's interests, but everything they've ever done "for" me has shown to be problematic at best. But I digress.

The article isn't long, but for those of you who don't like following links (or can't), the article explains that the new stadium to be built in Santa Clara for the 49ers is heavily financed by some banks involved in the recent bailouts, including Bank of America and Goldman Sachs.

If these companies have enough money to help pay for a stadium, why can't they afford to take better care of their customers? The money they should be using to help out people in tough times - times they caused -  is instead going to provide themselves more tax writeoffs and posh luxury suites.
Meanwhile, I picked up this Triple Threads card at the show last week. It was pretty close to free, tossed in with a few other great cards I found from the last dealer's table. I'm happy with it, and it's a good player to have in the type collection!


  1. You make a great point. Guess it's life... the rich get richer.

    By the way... I'm bummed that I missed the show. Where was it? Anymore coming to the Bay Area?

  2. Fuji: last weekend's show wasn't really worth hitting, I think. It was at Tanforan. You probably did better at the flea market than you would have driving all the way up here, from what I saw.

    I'm not paying attention to shows coming in January, though I know there will be a big show at Serramonte. There is a week-long show at Hilltop Mall (Richmond) next week. I'll try to get out there early in the week and give a quick report, but it probably isn't worth the drive from the south bay.

  3. Thanks for the update... my buddy mentioned the Serramonte show. I guess I'll have to wait for that one.