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Monday, December 5, 2011

A minor home disaster makes me wonder about collectibles insurance.

Yesterday was an adventure without leaving the house. At some point the toilet blocked up, and kept running, and running, and running... Needless to say, water was everywhere in the bathroom, upstairs bedroom, and hall. I heard the water running down the walls (I'm downstairs) and got the water shut off. It turns out there was a cotton ball stuck in the trap, probably catching or slowing down other stuff going through the pipes. At the worst point, water was literally raining down from upstairs into the garage portion of downstairs.
While it wasn't this bad, it sure felt like it.
An old downstairs bathroom is the current location of my baseball cards (other than the ones in Georgia), which is located directly underneath the upstairs toilet. Thankfully, my grandmother lives in an 85-year old house with hardwood floors, so the water generally found its way through the wall to the concrete floor, where it then flowed out through the garage. The water in the upstairs bedroom found its way through the floor and as I said, rained down in the garage. It was like a full-on rain shower. Thanks to the lack of insulation and quality flooring (with no subflooring to soak up more water) the house is pretty much undamaged. The water went right through and out the garage door.. We have a large rug that needs cleaning (but then, it hasn't been moved in decades, so it needed cleaning anyway) and two loads of towels running through the washer. A bit of water found its way onto my ceiling directly outside my card storage, but we poked holes to drain it out. My stuff is unharmed, gratefully. It could have been a disaster - my life from the past two years is in that closet/bathroom.

However, the insanity of the past several hours reminded me that I'm uninsured, and something like this could be a disaster. I need to consider insurance, and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on insuring a card collection. If you have renters or homeowners insurance, do you know if your collection is covered? Does anybody have a rider policy for their collectibles? Any other thoughts on insurance?


  1. Most homeowners or renters insurance policies have very low limits for sports cards and collectables - somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500 - $5000. A few years back I looked into added coverage for my collection and found it to be very high in premium so I passed.

  2. every policy is different, you'd have to check with your company.
    With my homeowners insurance, it wasn't covered specifically. Adding a dollar value onto the policy was quick and easy.
    But it was something i had to do seperate and have added specifically.

  3. Thanks guys. I'll be calling my insurance company to look into costs.

  4. A friend of mine just took out an insurance policy for his Transformers toy collection. He had to list each item with a value to submit to his agent. They a seperate policy was generated. Not sure what his coverage limits are, but I'm guess it covers everything and he probably has a $10,000 toy collection...only rivaling mine!