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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 Packs: What-doo Economics! 2007 UD Series 1

Let's go back nearly five years (wow!) to 2007 Upper Deck Series One! This might be Upper Deck's weakest card design ever, though with a gigantic checklist this is a very difficult set to complete.
The exclusive home for Cal Ripken Jr. Inserts!
 The fading grey borders ruin the card. They could have left that out and been fine.
 In "widescreen" mode, the card looks better. Inge caught the ball!
 Jump, David! Jump!
 Hey! I remember when he came to Atlanta! And he was all pitching and stuff?
Well, I guess Upper Deck held through on their promise as the home of the Cal Ripken Jr. insert. It's not exactly an exciting design.
That pack was like this teacher.

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