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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A non-crinkly package from Crinkly Wrappers!

Ted has way too many cards. Seriously. He sends other bloggers so many cards, you'd think he runs the bloggers' equivalent of cards for kids. He's like the cool grandma of the blogging community, just giving out cards to the grandkids. Not that Ted's old. What I'm trying to say is, he's really generous!

There were two concepts in the package that arrived recently. The first was Team USA cards:
 I think these are my first 2010 Upper Deck USA cards. I like the 2010 set's design. I wish Upper Deck could make baseball cards again, at least on a minor basis. This flagship is so much more attractive than Topps flagship.
 Speaking of Topps, there were plenty of Team USA from them. There was a full set of '88s, and a full set of '91s. I think I have them both, so I'll be sure to forward them on to someone else who'll appreciate them.
 Mr. Snyder was also in the lot. I still need Big Mac from this set. Someday....

The second part of the set was a whole ton of type cards for the projects I've been working on for a few months. Between the pickups from last weekend's card show and the cards Ted sent, I'm almost done. There are a few more cards that I thought I had that I'll pick up from the LCS or a card show before I head overseas.
I just grabbed the top three cards in the stack of about 30 cards for this post. There were plenty more in there, though!

Thanks Ted! You're a big help to so many collectors, including me!

Ted, I know how to save a life.
Somewhere alone, Enya bit her nest.

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