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Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Packs: Another Pack, Another Danica?

This time, I'm opening the 2012 (already?) edition of Press Pass racing. Yep - I've never opened a pack of racings cards in my life, and then I opened two today. While both packs have Danica Patrick on the front, the first one had nothing worthwhile inside. Will this one provide a winning card?
 While these cards are certainly brighter and more colorful than the Main Event pack from earlier (every card had an abundance of black), that foil printing is a bit tough to read.
 But I have a TRUCK! I LOVE the Transformers! But what are they doing in a racing product? Wait, that says Transporters. Okay.
 Drinking and driving. The second and third most important parts of Nascar. Can you name the most important part of any good race?
 Hey, I know that name! And I can read this one!
 And I know that name too! How do I know so many race car drivers?
 There's another Bayne card. I like this shot - kind of quirky (yes, it should be rotated anyway). It looks cooler sideways.
 I could make a joke about this guy's last name. But I won't.
Montoya? Is he related to this guy?
I don't care for racing products, but this was a fun pack to open anyway. Even though I didn't get one of these:

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