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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 Packs, 1 Double

 Third pack in the series - 2010 Upper Deck. I never opened any of this product - I grabbed the set off eBay late last year and all the inserts and parallels for the type collection came from trades and shows.
 Logo? What logo?
 Take the photo at an angle, and Viola! No logo!
 No logos here. Just some Salty sea dog.
 Uh oh, I see a big A. Time for some Santana!

 I don't get the whole wrong-colored hat thing. Is that throwback-appropriate? I mean, I understand the idea of green hats on St. Patrick's Day, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, etc. But it all just seems a bit gimmicky nonetheless.
Jensen Lewis throws so hard he breaks the laws of space-time! (Gotta love my scanner.)
 I bet that was a foul ball.
 Hey, Biography! The insert set nobody can possibly collect!
 Not-on-the-Team-Anymore Checklists. These look pretty good.
 What's cooking, Aaron?
 I went to Holland once. I want to go back again.
Sweet. I never noticed Winona Ryder quietly excuses herself from the table near the beginning.
Redding? More like Bluing! HAH!
 I love these cards. I'm still working on the subset.
 You're not having deja vu. I had a double in the pack.
By 2010, Hairston moved down the coast to San Diego, and last year he moved to the other coast with the Mets.

The Biography insert is about the least-exciting insert in 2010 Upper Deck, I think. But the cards still look great and I really like the 2010 design. I bet Upper Deck had many better pictures they could have used if they would have just airbrushed out the logos. And they might still be producing logoless cards today. Instead, they can only give us products like Goodwin Champions and World of Sports.


  1. Looks to me like A.J. Burnett is wearing one of those patriotic July 4th/September 11th caps. And yes, it's very gimmicky.

  2. Were these and the racing card cards what you got for Christmas (or part of it)?

  3. I believe that Mr. Crawford has taken over Mr. Pena's card. I hate when that happens. Good photography, just of the wrong guy!

  4. shlabotnik: Maybe they'll have different uniforms for every day of the week in a few years.

    Kenny: I bought these for myself for Christmas, since nobody in my family really cares about my hobby. I don't think they'd know what to buy me either, even if I told them what to get!

    piratesfan: Tough luck for Pena! UD never had a chance to correct it, either.