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Friday, December 9, 2011

I have no Quarry-el with this trade! ... and a Nolan Ryan 1/1?!

Here's Johnny! Of Cards from the Quarry! With a great stack of cards that just arrived yesterday. He sent these cards as payment for the stack of Rockies I have as my clearance trade bait - cards that I should be sending soon!

 All three of the above should be for my type collection. I just noticed they're all numbered! I like the Antiquity Artifacts the best, but they're all cool!

There was also a stack of something like 100 cards for my awards/leaders collection! I know you can't tell, but they're in reverse-alphabetical order by first name, so they should be real easy to check off my lists.
Now I just need to find some time today to get these marked off and scanned in individually. Speaking of scanning, the major scanning of my Cali cards is complete! All type collection and most awards/leaders cards are scanned (just need to scan the Glove and Slugger binders).
Remember this card?
Remember I told you I emailed the artist?
Well, he replied back. That's Nolan Ryan! That makes this totally cool sketch card 1000% cooler! In fact, it's so cool, it can only be followed by a dancing chipmunk!
Dancing chipmunks not enough? How about a doggy disco?
Yeah. Awesomeness.

Thanks again Johnny!

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  1. Glad to see they arrived safe and sound. Trades like this make me happy (well less unhappy anyway) I spent nearly two months organizing my doubles by player.