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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The big old trade post that you all want to read!

I leave for Japan on January 9. So this is my last trade update in an effort to clean up in the next couple weeks.

Even if it's not captivating writing, there are exciting groups of words and numbers in this post. It's time to do a full update on packages mailed, waiting, and expected! Plus, I'll show off some pretty cards. And even if you don't care for the text, you might enjoy the videos at the end if you like the videos I've been posting.

First, I sent off a baker's dozen of tan bubble mailers yesterday, to the following zip codes:
  • 06489
  • 72758
  • 20171
  • 91790
  • 16933
  • 36695
  • 98662
  • 13601
  • 33411
  • 46561
  • 35758
  • 92688
  • 40475
Enjoy! I believe that makes us even, if I owed you anything for trades. Merry Christmas if it's more! If we're not square with what I sent, please tell me because I'm unaware! You won't be offending me. "Hey, Ryan, all these cards you sent were great, but you still owe me for that ...."
Next, the following people have small stacks of cards with me. Remember, I leave for Japan on January 9. I'll be in Georgia from Christmas to New Year's Eve. So I'd like for any trades to be completed by the end of next week - that way you can mail the cards to be here when I return, and I won't have to rush to the post office as I go nuts making sure I have everything for my trip. Some of these may be long-forgotten:
  • Spiegel
  • BA Benny
  • AdamE (from recent trade bait)
  • Stealing Home
  • Play At The Plate (includes recent trade bait)
  • Angels In Order (recent trade bait)
  • Kyle (I know we just finished our trade deal, but I want you to know the stack is still here)
  • Ryan H (recent trade bait)
  • potch (a whole slew of stuff) I know you're just about to move and such (I saw your post), so hopefully we can wrap this up in the next day or two. LMK if you have something or we can work a deal of some sort!
  • Morgan - I needed to get a box for your cards (incredibly difficult!) so I should be mailing them today.
  • Jim - I have some more cards! We should plan on one more lunch before I leave.
  • Zippy Zappy - It'll all be packed in my suitcase for Japan.
Third, I owe the following people:
  • Jeff L for the Chipper relic
  • Hackenbush for contest winnings
  • Sam (Dimwit) for the pending printing plate and 20th Anniversary Retrospective trade
  • Robert for the pending 18 OPC/20th Anniversary singles trade
If I didn't list your name, and I owe you or you're holding stuff for me, email me or leave a comment ASAP. I want to know what I need to look for over the next week to be sure everything's even. As before, you won't offend me by reminding me that you're holding something for me.
Parte the Fourthe, the Clearance Sale teams. How about I get these cards to you in time to toss under the tree for your own little Christmas gift? Please email me your address and any questions about payment totals you may have, and you can send me a PayPal gift to paypal at ryan-gluesing dot com! I am pretty much prepared to ship the packages out the next day. There are still some teams available, so please check the original post if you want to pick up a second team! I want the cards gone so feel free to make an offer.

Okay, enough with the business. I feel like I've been working like a horse.
Haha, like a horse.
Wow. Like a horse.
Hey, a real horse! Too bad I showed this video before. It's just that cool.
He's riding him like a horse. Or worse. That's just painful. But totally awesome. Just brace yourself for the end. Kind of strange.


  1. If you'll remind me what you're holding for me (you're not the only one and I can't remember) I'll let you know what I have for it and we can wrap it up.


  2. See you in 2K12 Ryan.
    Contact me when you want to trade on DG.