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Saturday, December 24, 2011

I got that bling bling ring thing!

Diamond Giveaway: I own you now!

I finally received enough codes to push me past the 45-code threshold, and that exclusive set is mine! I'll be requesting shipment on that and some of my cards in the next day or so (I'll tell you which ones once the order's complete). Meanwhile, I have a little story to tell.

Getting 45 codes is not easy if you aren't busting cases. I did a good job with series 1, getting 15 codes all through packs. Series 2 was a little tougher, but I still managed to get that 30th code after finding one at a card show. But Update was very difficult. Money's tighter, and I bought nowhere near as much Update as I did Series 1 and 2 packs. With my deadline quickly approaching - I doubt I'll have my cards by January 9 even if I requested them tonight - I hit eBay to get ripped off.

I finally won an auction for six code cards - $9.99 plus $5 shipping. That's less than $3 a code (the approximate average going rate). I figured if I could get the seller to email me the codes after paying, I'd get a real good deal. The seller was firm that the cards had to be mailed (um, wtf?), though he offered to ship for $3 instead of $5. After multiple requests for a proper invoice so I could get the rate he promised, I gave up and paid $5 for shipping. Whatever.

The cards came today in a manila envelope, wrapped in a sheet of paper. I'm not sure if it was his fault or the post office, but the cards were bent to shit. Have a look at the envelope:
Thankfully, the cards don't matter (all I wanted were codes) and the codes were intact (and worked). After all this crap - negative feedback is in order. For $5 shipping, he could have used a bubble envelope. His shipping rates (even at 6 cards in one lot) are very high, and his communication was poor (given the lack of sending a proper invoice after several requests). Am I wrong for thinking this? Make your case below - I'll be leaving him feedback soon. I rarely leave negatives, but this experience has been quite negative for me. Heck, there's a seller that's sending me a third package in order to get the right cards to me, and I'm planning on leaving him positive feedback, because he's trying to rectify the situation quickly and properly.

Anyway, I entered the codes and it must have been vintage day. Here's what I unlocked:
 1969? Great start!
 A nice action 1975? Awesome!
 Eh, 1980? At least it's not 2009.
 Hey! A good pitcher! But it's 1986!
 That's much better!
 Yeah! The 1960s wallpaper set!
Wait, that's 7 cards! Where'd this great 1971 card come from? Why, Zippy Zappy! He gave me a code (back when I needed them) to help me reach 45 and I just now entered it. Not a bad card to unlock.

So a great set of cards unlocked, and 45 rings reached for my full set and some cards shipped free! Once Zippy Zappy finishes up our trades (if he hasn't already; I'm writing this post 33 hours before it goes live) (I'm getting two cards he wants delivered with my order) it's off to request delivery!

And then, after Christmas, any ring offers will just be automatically accepted. I can't wait to see if I get any offers for the cards I leave in my account, too.

(Have you ever noticed that I use parentheses a lot?) Apparently I don't use them quite correctly, since I don't have complete thoughts in half of them. Oh well, it's a writing tool. P.S. lady, a better way of saying, "Picking blackberries (I'm sure you will agree with me) is a tasty pastime" would be, "Picking blackberries is a tasty pastime. I'm sure you will agree with me." This video is annoying. Let's watch something better. A new WolfgoreShow video! (I think I still have some old ones in my videos-to-post queue!) (Hey, a complete thought in a set of parantheses! I used them correctly! And again! Wow! Learning is fun!)
P.S. If you think I indulge in mind-altering substances, you're wrong. I just enjoy really strange videos. (And that's two P.S. comments in the same post. And another set of parentheses.)


  1. Glad my code got you something special. Didn't know you needed the codes so badly that you bought some on eBay though.
    Have you ever thought about trying to get 60 rings for the 60th Anniversery Ring though?

  2. Yeah, I'm like 11 cards shy of the 45 and I'm too stubborn/cheap to buy them. $30+ for the cards is over half of what a retail set from Wally World or Target would cost me, and I'm only like 5 cards shy of the series 1 & 2 set now...

  3. Contrats on unlocking the set.

    If you decide to break that set I would buy the
    Red Sox off of you.

  4. Kenny: I wanted to make sure I had them in time, and I figured eBay would be the easiest route. 60 rings would be great, but I doubt I'd get the Mantle ring. I never unlocked my "prize" on the board, though, so I think there's something left on the board worth unlocking. I'm not worried about it though.

    dawgbones: If I hadn't been so close I wouldn't have made the effort. I won't be doing it next year, I can guarantee that.

    AdamE: Thanks. I don't think I'll be breaking it but if I do I'll let you know. Someone I traded with (dominicfdny) sent me a single card for my type collection and he might have a full team set for trade or sale.

  5. To answer your question, yes give him negative feedback. If the problem was only high shipping OR bad packaging OR bad communication OR being a general jackass, then I could see letting it go. But since all of those things seemed to have combined then I say hit him with the negative.

    I also use parentheses a lot when writing. I don't use them absolutely either and I don't honestly care. Grammar and language are akin to evolving organisms. I am just trying to get it to evolve to my way of thinking.