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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Atlanta Area Readers, PLUS: 12 Packs: Getting WACKY!

First, a note/offer for those in the Atlanta area. I went through my storage unit yesterday and knocked the size down from an 8x9 unit to a 5x5 unit. I got rid of a bunch of stuff, but I have some cards and such that I would like to go to someone who would appreciate them. I have seven three-row boxes (are those 2400 count? 3200 count?) full of base cards and maybe inserts. I haven't really looked through though I need to take a gander to ensure I haven't tossed anything in them I need to keep. I doubt you'll find anything great, but I think you could find some minor trade bait/filler or fun cards for your collection. I have not pulled out Braves cards or anything like that, but I packed these boxes long enough ago that I don't know what you'll find. I doubt there's any 2010 (I found what little I remember buying in a different box) and certainly no 2011. Most likely you're looking at either 1998 and earlier, or 2003-2009. I'd love to sell them all or by the box to someone cheap, and I'll seriously consider every offer. 

Also, if you need nine-pocket binder pages I have four boxes full of pages I used and boxed up when I reduced my collection's volume (binders to boxes makes a big difference in space). Each box probably has about 1000 pages (they're heavy - I bought pages by the case), and again I'll take offers on each box. The pages should be in great used shape. Most of them are Ultra Pro or equivalent. All are sold as is, though 99.9% should be in like-new condition. I'm in Atlanta through Friday (I have an early flight Saturday morning) and I'd like them gone before then. Just leave a comment please - first able-to-pick-up first served! I'm in Woodstock, though I'm out and about today/tonight.


Like the Garbage Pail Kids pack from an earlier post, I have a lot of interest in the Wacky Packages series. Unlike the Garbage Pail Kids pack from the earlier post, these are all-new stickers!
Eight stickers making fun of products I know and (might) love? You got it!
 I may have to revisit this image in, say, October?
 Dunk the Skunk! Wait, it says for skunks. Skunks dunking skunks? Isn't that like cannibalism?

I bet Livid-Plumr is cheaper than the real plumber that rooted the toilet this month.
 I need some of that sometimes. I had this Facebook post the other day...
 Hey! I don't think I've had Rice-A-Roni in about 20 years! And I love rice - with my Chinese food, especially.
 I'll let you figure out what Silly Bangz are. Hint: they aren't for hair care.
 Notice the numbering on this card, 5 of 8. This is an insert mocking movies instead of products. Still great! I wonder how many Shreks there are already. Not really, because if I cared I would look it up myself.
 Mmm. Soda.

The backs are just as good, usually.
 Some of them are puzzles, just like the originals.
 Others have fake advertisements or coupons. Ditz!
 That shampoo is designed for really hot women.
 As seen at Wendy's.
 This is the back of the Shrek parody sticker.
 Ah, more ads.
And we'll end with a puzzle back.

I am way behind on my non-sport collecting, though there aren't as many sets these days that I'm interested in owning. More goofiness soon!

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  1. I'm not getting back into collecting Wacky Packages, but thanks for sharing as those are awesome!