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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two one-of-one cards to close out a card show!

Once again I find myself writing a post after midnight. That might happen more often in Japan, since my working hours are around 12-9pm, but since I've been waking up around 8am lately these late nights are exhausting! I fully intended on going to bed a couple hours ago, but one thing lead to another and the clock just ticked away. Yesterday was a successful day as far as my plans went, though - I went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum (I had a Groupon that expired at the end of the week) and had In N Out for lunch. Mmm. I also managed to catch up on all my emails, scan all my 1973 Topps cards (this sheet-fed photo scanner is almost perfect!) and I handled a whole bunch of incoming packages. I'll probably get to those tomorrow.

This is the last post from the Tanforan card show (that would be about ten days ago). I certainly saved the best for last.

Remember all those modern cards I showed? There was this Triple Threads card, these not-quite-vintage cards, and these two very-low-numbered autographs. Well, I have two more cards to show you, all purchased from the same dealer.

And they're both one-of-ones. Not eBay 1/1, but real 1/1.
 Whoever Lance Zawadzki is, I now have is printing plate from some 2010 Bowman product. I think this might be Bowman Draft. I don't even remember anymore! But it's a 1/1.
And while this is tough to figure out from the image on the front of the plate, this is from Topps Chrome, and features Francisco Liriano from the 206 Chrome insert set.

I've written about printing plates before, and it's amazing how little respect they get among collectors. All the cards linked at the top of this post and these two plates, combined, cost me only $20. A 1/1 Superfractor or Topps Platinum of any "common" player usually runs $20 or more, so plates are a pretty good deal.

Current time: 12:25am. Now to write one more post and go to bed!


  1. Whoa! Zawadzki went to my high school, a year ahead of me. Now he's a middling middle infielder who has bounced around a few teams. That's awesome you have a plate of his!

  2. 12:25 a.m.? That's the middle of the day!

    Back before my schedule changed, I wouldn't start many posts until around 2 a.m. I'm home earlier now, so usually, I get things started right around 12-12:30 a.m.

  3. Congratulations on your 1 of 1 additions to your collection. Just read your printing plate post... awesome read. I have no issues with them... but I probably would if I was a diehard player collector.

    Well... it's 1:08pm here in Cali... time to get out of bed and grab some food.

  4. Mooss: It amazes me to find people who actually knew famous people before they were famous (not sure Zawadzki would be considered famous, but close enough). I keep wishing someone from my high school would make it big - the best I have is Nick Markakis from my hometown (different school).

    night owl: I always seem to start writing around midnight, but I've been trying to get on a more "normal" schedule. I'm not sure why that matters when in 3 weeks I'll be waking up around 1pm Pacific time.

    Fuji: Printing plates and other 1/1 are really what makes player collections impossible to complete. I have to accept that I'll never have them... You must be really enjoying your holiday break to be staying in bed until 1am!

  5. Edit: .... staying in bed until 1 pm!