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Monday, December 12, 2011

Card show pickups: 1941 Dodgers

This might be my last card show in America for a few years. I say might be because the Richmond Hilltop Mall show returns next week, but I'm not sure if I will be able to attend.

This was the last weekend show at Tanforan Mall for the year, and was much smaller than last year's show. I think the SF area saw a big surge in collecting due to the World Series Championship last year, but it probably died off fairly fast.

I was disappointed as I wandered around from table to table, as I saw several of the same dealers with much of the same stuff - and very little of it baseball cards. I picked up several 50 cent cards from one dealer, including these two 1941 Dodgers cards.
They aren't cards from 1941, though they feature players on the 1941 team. They are a 1973 TCMA release, and will eventually be seen on exhibit in the Cardboard Zoo. Why are there two? I'm not doing a Noah's Ark sort of thing - one of these cards is needed in the Awards collection. I really love these 1970s TCMA theme sets, because there are many players featured who have very few cards.

While there was a good bit of disappointment at most tables, I walked away with a few great cards that I'll show you this week. More coming in 12 hours!

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