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Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to save two cents on Check Out My Cards!

I've been scrounging through Check Out My Cards for some type collection cards to be had a low-low prices. It's an easy way to search for some of the regional and team issues that I don't see at shows and aren't worth spending $3 with shipping on eBay. There's a seller on there with all his minor league singles priced at $2.95, which means the lowest I can offer him is about $1.50 per card - way too much in my mind for 1980s nobodies and even high for bulk purchases of late-'70s never-weres.

But I still found a good selection of cards to buy or make offers on, including an offer on three truly cheap cards. I usually just buy low-price cards right out without offers, but I had to try some savings on this offer. Check out the counter offer I received:
Yup. I'm going to save 2 cents. I offered him 50 cents on three cards that combined might have that as a book value. It's a 35 cent difference, and it's not going to break the bank, but I wonder: did he even look at what the asking price was? If he had countered with even 75 cents, I wouldn't be writing this post. So I countered him 75 cents. We'll see. (By the time this post goes live, things may have changed.)

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  1. I've had some less than stellar counter offers but that's almost sarcastic. I'm almost never in a position on COMC where I feel I just have to have the cards so I usually reject these guys and move on. Good luck. PS Word Verification FLOPO like your seller's offer. ;)