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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Vintage Trend

The word "throwback" is thrown around a lot, with good reason. Many of the sets and full issues Topps releases are throwbacks. There's no denying their popularity, as collectors flock to sets that remind them of their youth or just look plain beautiful.
The use of vintage styles isn't exclusive to trading cards. Take a look at the redesigned vintage-inspired Thunderbird. Look at the hipsters walking down the street in corduroy jackets, 1980s logo t-shirts, vintage-style glasses, hats that remind you of a 1940s jazz club, and 1960s-style jeans with 1980s-style holes. Browse the selection of KitchenAid mixers at your local Bed Bath n' Beyond - there will be at least one vintage design. While you're there, look at the antique-style popcorn carts, vintage signs, old-time-looking radios, and gadgets designed to look like they're from the 1950s.
Movies remake classics from the past - Smurfs, Transformers, and GI Joe from the not so distant past. Their soundtracks are full of songs that sample or remix hits from our childhood. Before the movie, stop at the grocery store for some vintage-style bottles of Dr. Pepper to sneak into the theater.

It's so popular, I don't realize it half the time. Take the four cards above. I bought all of them at this weekend's card show. I scanned them, side by side. I selected these scans and uploaded them, and inserted them into the post. And as I looked at the cards on my screen, I realized something: they all use throwback designs. In fact, Zach Britton is wearing a throwback cap on his throwback card!

It's okay, though. I like some throwbacks. Including VIDEOS!
Classic '80s.
I'm glad video cameras weren't as readily available when I was a kid. Wow.
And last, a little Joe Cocker. I discovered a whole bunch of misheard lyrics videos recently, and while most of them are decently funny, they don't really stand out as great. But showing that decent job at misheard lyrics leads me to my last video of the afternoon.

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