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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Starting Lineup!.... cards?

Yeah, that's right, cards. From Starting Lineup. You remember those little things? Before McFarlane, baseball action figures weren't all detailed and they didn't usually didn't look much like the player, except for the uniform and pose. Starting Lineup included cards with their little action figures and while I don't see them everywhere I tend to come across a dealer every once in a while who has a bunch of them. Such was the case this Sunday at the Hilltop Mall card show in Richmond (local readers note: the show goes on until the 23rd, but there aren't many cards).
 Sir Edgar is from the 1999 release. This isn't that bad of a card, if you ask me. You didn't but I told you anyway.
 This design was found on the 2000 issue. Hoffman is from the initial release.
 Smoltz was packaged with somebody else (maybe Maddux?) to make the Classic Doubles set.
Millwood is, as noted, from the Extended Series.

I've already cleaned up most of my needs for the regular SLU issues, but a couple sets aren't in my database. These four cards will need to be added to my database, since there are no SLU listings for '99 and 2000.

These cards are all I found worth buying at the show - it's not really a card show, so save your time and your gas money and visit an LCS instead. Perhaps the next card show at Hilltop Mall will have cards? Too bad I won't be around to find out.

It's quite sad. Just like this tribute to somebody's brother.

On a less-creepy note...
Remember this video from yesterday? No? Watch it. Fantastic.

And then watch this one:

I bet you're hungry now.


  1. I did not know Smoltz (or Millwood) had SLU cards. Thanks. Now I want these bad!

  2. I'm about 5 cards short of the Angels SLU card set. Fun to get these.

  3. Damn... didn't realize there was another collector out there who appreciated SLU cards as much as me. One of these days, I'll get around to posting some of my favorites... hopefully before you head out to Japan.

  4. Colbey: I think I have the Smoltz. The '99 and '00 sets were forgotten because of the McFarlanes.

    Angels In Order: wow. I guess a team checklist isn't that large, but that's still a pretty good accomplishment!

    moe: They're not bad, that's for sure.

    Fuji: Some of them have really good designs. I like the random "subsets" they toss in occasionally. And no rush on the post - I'll be reading while I'm overseas. I need some connection to America!