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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let the great clearance sale... begin!

Only two months later than I had hoped for, I am ready to clear out the cards. They've been sorted by team, bagged into team bags, and I've determined shipping prices. There's a lot of information here, so please read carefully. If you're not interested in the clearance, there's nothing else in this post. See you tomorrow morning?

The idea here is to clear out all my extras, and hopefully have some money for the big show at the end of the month.

First, the teams and the number of team bags they fill:
  • Arizona Diamondbacks - 4
  • Boston Red Sox - 10 (AdamE)
  • Chicago Cubs - 8 (Lonestarr)
  • Chicago White Sox - 8
  • Cincinnati Reds - 10 (potch)
  • Cleveland Indians - 7 (Jason)
  • Detroit Tigers - 8.5 + 1 oversize card [can ship at the $5.20 rate]
  • Florida Marlins - 6 + 1 oversize card
  • Houston Astros - 7
  • Kansas City Royals - 6
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - 6
  • Milwaukee Brewers - 8
  • Minnesota Twins - 7
  • New York Mets - 10 (...Joe)
  • Oakland Athletics - 8
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - 7 + 1 exhibits (oversize) (piratesfan731)
  • San Diego Padres - 8
  • Seattle Mariners - 8 (Mariner1)
  • St. Louis Cardinals - 10
  • Tampa Bay Rays - 5 + 1 slabbed
  • Texas Rangers - 9 (PATP)
  • Toronto Blue Jays - 8 + 1 oversize card + 1 slabbed (Robert)
  • Washington Nationals - 6
  • NFL (mostly 2001 Topps Chrome, but some others) - 8 + 1 oversize card
  • Non-MLB (minor league sets like Heritage and Obak, Team USA, nonsport like Ginter minis and PopCards, Topps American Heritage, etc: anything that I couldn't easily fit into a team above) - 12 (Jason)
The first team lot you buy will be $5 + shipping. Each additional will be $4 + shipping. Teams with only 4 or 5 bags noted above will be $2 less. So if you wanted three teams, it would be $13 (or less) + shipping. If you want to work out a trade for a team, let me know. A little vintage, a couple hits for my type collection, some set needs, etc, are welcome - but you'll still have to cover shipping costs.

The actual shipping of cards is expensive as many of you already know - especially in big lots. The cheapest, easiest way of doing things is via priority mail flat rate boxes. I don't have to buy boxes for shipping and the postage generally comes out cheaper in the end.

Shipping: priority mail flat rate boxes come in three basic sizes: small, medium, and large.

Small: $5.20 - holds up to 8 team bags (plus any oversize cards noted above)
Medium: $10.95 - holds up to 72 team bags (plus any oversize cards noted above)
Large: $14.95 - holds a ton of stuff (plus any oversize cards noted above)

Keep in mind that you're getting a ton of cards in a "small" box. Each team bag has around 30-40 cards (on average), so an 8-bag team gets around 240-320 cards (give or take). The cards will be packaged as securely as possible given the circumstances, but I'm fitting as many cards in the box as possible to save you shipping costs, so any damage may transfer to the cards inside the box. That is a risk you'll have to take! If you want protection (inner-outer boxes, etc) let me know, but it will cost extra (probably a step-up in box size).

I realize that the Braves, Yankees, and several other teams will cost $15.95, but for each additional team, it will only run another $4, unless you buy a super-huge quantity (and then I'll work out a deal with you). If you want to clear me out at the end, we'll see what's left and you can make me an offer.

What kinds of cards in there? Inserts, base cards, and oddballs. Cards from pack busting and group breaks. Groups of Griffeys and masses of Maddux. There are serial-numbered cards, shiny awesomeness, Conlon Collection, 2011 Topps, and 1990 Score. I'm not going to lie to you - it's not all bells and whistles. But any team collector should be happy with what they get. Heck, buy a bunch of teams to fill up that medium-sized box and trade, sell, or give the cards away. There are plenty of inserts and such. I've certainly spent much more than $5 (or even $10) acquiring the cards for each team. I want the cards gone, but I can't afford the shipping to just give them away, and as I said above, I would like some spending money for my last US card show for a long time.

DON'T send me any money now. Claim your teams in the comments below. Make sure there's an email associated with your comment post so I can get back with you privately. I'll be able to take PayPal gifts and cash. And if you know of a cheaper way of shipping 300+ cards, I'm open to suggestions.

Note, some people have rights of first refusal - their names are posted next to the teams. If you're listed, please confirm if you're in or out. You won't upset me if you're out, since the cost is higher than expected. Thanks! 


  1. I'd like the non-mlb group as well. Didn't notice that in my excitement to get the Tribe. Thanks.

  2. I'd like the Phillies and the 1991 Stadium Club set (both series, right?). E-mail me about pick-up arrangements....

  3. Put me down for the Rangers. Are you still holding some cards for me...I'm so scatterbrained I can't remember if you're the one who I keep asking for different cards

  4. I would take the Red So as long as you only shipp enough to go in the regular proirity box.

  5. You can put me down for the Orioles. Just let me know when you want payment.

  6. I'm in for the Mariners. I might just a few cards in there that I need.

  7. I'm still in for the Braves. Also, does the Houston stack have any Mike Hampton's in it?

  8. I guess I'll take the Cubbies if they're still available.

  9. If I claim the Twins and the Dodgers, does that only add $8 to my total?