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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's finally done! 2011 Topps Update Want List

The end of the month arrived and I almost doubled the quantity of Topps Update singles I have with the purchase of four hanging boxes. I know I'll still have screwy collation so there will be cards missing from my set, plus plenty of extras. I'll reveal the inserts and such from the recent purchases later - I want to get the want list out there!

I have duplicates. Feel free to send me your want lists! If you're looking for any inserts, please check my prior listings (tagged at the bottom of this post as 2011 Topps Update) and keep reading for the additional packs.

2011 Topps Update Base Set Want List:
34, 81, 160, 178, 208, 305 (crossed through = have, red = pending but you can offer anyway)

That's 31 cards at list inception, and I have about 200 duplicates. I'll be glad to trade several extras for a few cards off the list. My goal is completion by the end of November. The big card show is November 26th, so any needs at that point will be filled on that date.


  1. Ryan, I have a few off of your list:


    Send me your address and I'll get them in the mail to you soon...

  2. I'll hit you tonight. I probably have several for you.

  3. These are yours: 170, 171, 165, 193, & 38

  4. Hello, I was formerly posting as "Anonymous" on your TUS related articles.
    I have 38, 52, 81, 109, 160, 193 ready for you....