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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three Sets You Forgot About Again (or, why it's bad to release product after the World Series)

Did you know there are three card sets issued by Topps during the two month period leading up to Christmas?

It seems for the most part, they've been ignored by bloggers, because, face it, the season's over. It's a time of rest for several of us, where we can recover from the past year's releases, finish want lists, and go back to some of those older releases we were too busy to deal with between Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter, three series of Topps, Heritage, Chrome, Finest, Bowman's multiple releases, and all those high-end wallet busters.

I'm glad for the time off, even if it contains my most-anticipated card show of the year. I am too busy prepping for my move to be bothered with new releases. I'm building my Japanese type list, which I can't wait to tell you about when it's completed. I have two series of Topps issues to properly file away, plus all the new vintage cards to organize - they've just piled up on a shelf.

But while eyes are focused on football, hockey, and (cough) basketball, Topps slips a few more releases onto the shelves.

 Tier One came out a few weeks ago. I haven't even thought of looking for singles.
That would be a sweet card to carry to Japan as mega-trade bait or just for bragging rights.

 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects is on shelves, I hear. I have no interest in the product, but I'll have to pick up singles for the type collection eventually. Has anybody opened any of this?

And right before Christmas:
Yeah, another Bowman product.

I guess Topps knows real collectors don't buy cards after Update, so they just let the case-busters and prospectors have at it to close out the year. (No offense to player collectors who have to go hunting for even more player parallels, or team collectors who now have to hunt even more prospects they've never heard of.)

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