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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bay Area Card Show Update

I know there are a few SF bay area readers out there and card show info can come late or not at all to many of us. Here are the shows I know about for the next two months:

Nov. 25-27: Richmond Hilltop Mall. Max (the dealer I tend to do most of my business with) is promoting the show. This is a new location. I expect some different dealers since this is a rare (for me, at least) east bay show. Yes, this is Black Friday weekend. I'm not sure how traffic will be at this mall (I've never been) but there is a WalMart, so it could be heavy. Go in via the back way for best results?

Nov. 26: St. Leanders Church (Ryan O'Connell Hall) in San Leandro. This is *the* card show event of the season, with a bit of everything, and it's heavy on the vintage and obscure. There is some major money exchanging hands here, and something like a 3-4 year waiting list just to sell. No silly souvenirs at this show - it's all cards and memorabilia. I realize the Richmond show is competing here, but what else will you be doing this weekend? Make a day out of baseball cards and blow the money while the wife thinks you're buying gifts for that cousin you haven't seen in five years, and go to both! Or just this one.

Dec. 1-4: Tracy West Valley Mall. That's a long drive, so I won't attend.

Dec. 3: Holiday Inn Express Sacramento (2224 Auburn Blvd). I think this is the lesser quality show between the two Sacramento shows. I'd love some feedback if anyone knows first-hand. I could make an effort to go if it's worth it.

Dec. 9-11: Tanforan. The last Tanforan show was very weak. I saw this coming, though - many of the dealers who usually set up told me they were taking a break. This left the show with only a couple actual card tables, with the rest of the dealers selling memorabilia and non-sport stuff (action figures, anyone?). The December show should be promising. I anticipate more dealers selling because the mall will have more traffic due to Christmas shoppers. Whether those dealers will have cards won't be known until the show gets here.

Dec. 17: Holiday Inn Sacramento (5321 Date Ave). I've heard good things but I have yet to go. This might be my chance.

Dec. 18-23: Richmond Hilltop Mall. The show will return for a full week during the last minute Christmas rush.

Of course, with so many shows next month, it will be pick-and-choose. My picks: St. Leanders is a must visit, and Tanforan is on my calendar (it's 15 minutes from my place). The others are up in the air.

For those of you who don't care, yet somehow made it to this point, I give you what people who don't collect baseball cards do in their spare time. I guess this is better than jumping off the roof?
It's like Napoleon Dynamite. You gotta love Grandma in her blue blocker sunglasses just sitting off to the side and the wandering dog. Tell me you didn't miss the giant boom box providing the music. And the WalMart-bought picture on the door with the bag of old plastic bags hanging on the handle? Yeah. I feel like I'm back in Georgia again!

And that's four minutes of your life you'll never get back.

I'll have some interesting content for all of you next time (I hope)!


  1. I think it's interesting, but maybe because I'm a Bay Area reader. I think I can actually make it to one of those over Thanksgiving weekend. I'll e-mail you when I'm sure.

  2. Good gosh, if I had that many card shows around me, I'd be living on the street in a box.

  3. Dan: If you have to pick one, go to San Leandro. It's the best show in the Bay Area as far as I'm concerned.

    Night Owl: when I lived in Georgia, there was a show nearly every weekend somewhere in the Atlanta area, all year round. The relatively empty October and November around here has been kind of depressing. Granted, several of the shows above are about 30 tables, just like the Atlanta shows - small and with many of the same dealers.

  4. Thanks for sharing this info... looks like I'll be headed to the St. Leanders Church show.

    Btw... love that video. Napoleon Dynamite was the first thing that came to mind... felt sorry for the dog... he almost had his head chopped off like 8 times in this video. Pure awesomeness! The video that is... not the dog getting his head chopped off.

  5. Fuji: Wouldn't it have been awesome if at some point the dog had got its head chopped off? It would be the ultimate end to the video. Though I guess that's kind of cruel.