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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway Site - Update with a RYNO of a good pull!

It seems like the downtime did some good for Topps's Diamond Giveaway site. Perhaps they moved it to a new server, or replaced parts on the old one that were causing problems. Maybe they rewrote the code so the site is more efficient. Or perhaps, collectors had given up for a while on the site. Logging in around 1:30 AM Sunday morning, the site ran as fast as it ever has, and I have 112 offers for my cards - about the same quantity as I had before the site went down. They might be the same offers as before. Within a week, we'll have a good idea about how the site is really functioning.

That said, I need five more codes to reach 45 rings. I don't care about the cards, and I believe once I reach 45 rings and have the set shipped to me, all my cards are shipped for free. Can someone please verify this?

If this is true, and you have codes to enter, I'd love to take them off your hands. I'll let you know what cards I unlock and I'll be sure to forward them on to you if you want delivery (or I'll trade them to you), just so I can get that silly Diamond Anniversary set with the super-cool extra foil stamping!

Speaking of entering codes, I haven't really updated you on the ten codes I entered so far since Update has been released. Here are the cards I thought enough of to screen-capture (I missed one).
 Hrm. Vintage 1970s is acceptable. If I had to pay for it, I wouldn't request delivery though.
 Likewise with the 1980s stuff. Joey's Mc-Laughin at me.
 Another 1976? I wonder if I was smart about trading my cards, if I could somehow accumulate an entire 1976 set through the Diamond Giveaway site.
 1982 again? What is UP with THAT?!
 Wow! Now that's the ticket! You wouldn't believe the number of offers I've had for this card. People are offering me all sorts of stacks of cards, including offers of 1953 cards. I will gladly trade Ryno here away for any black diamond die-cut, though - player doesn't matter.
 Okay! Back to back greatness! It's probably the weakest 1950s Topps set, but it's 1950s!
 And then, the not-Jr! In super-awesome 1975ness!
 Aw, okay, that couldn't last forever.
And let's end on a weak note - yet another 1982. I wonder if Topps bought back a big lot of 1976 and 1982 cards right before Update was released.

Again, I need five more code cards. All I care about are the rings, so you're welcome to any of the cards I unlock. I'll even toss in some of these 1980s beauties, if I don't have to pay for delivery. I also want a black diamond die cut of any player. If you have one to offer, talk to me. I have regular die-cuts of:
  • Marlon Byrd
  • Martin Prado
  • Heath Bell
  • Jered Weaver
  • and of course, Ryne Sandberg
I need at least one for my type collection, but I'll entertain offers for a black die-cut! 


  1. Its true when u hit 45 everything u have shipped is free i know because i just redemed my set and had cards shipped

  2. What would you want for the Prado Die-cut? i don't have a black Diamond unfortunately, but I could trade online cards or send you some through the mail.

  3. I think I'm 11 rings away from 45...but I'm finding it hard to buy anymore packs. If I do break in and buy more I'll be up for helping you out if I have a ring you need.

  4. dominic: thanks for the info!

    dayf: if you have some real oddballs for my type collection, I'd be glad to trade it once I get it in-hand (hopefully before I go to Japan!)

    Colbey: Thanks. I too am not too into buying even more packs. I could pack-search the racks and spend $25 (not gonna happen), buy $50 worth of hanging boxes (not gonna happen), or spend $3/code on eBay (again, I don't really think that's gonna happen). I need the codes, though, so if I can't find them at the upcoming card shows (or nobody offers their codes) I will probably be buying them from eBay.