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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mo Stanton, Mo Problems

Continuing my group break results from before - with my purchase of the Yankees came the Marlins for free. While the Yankees went hitless in the break, the Marlins did not!
 There weren't as many Marlins in Lineage and Chrome, so I ended up with about half the base set singles. I can't seem to escape Joe Buck's extremely visible catcher's helmet. I believe I've pulled his base flagship Topps card at least twice, plus I'm sure I pulled the gold and diamond anniversary parallels, the black /60 parallel, and maybe the silk too. Did I miss anything? Well, here's the Chrome version. Maybe I should go for a Buck rainbow? He had a pretty bad year, though he's supposed to be good defensively. He batted only .227 last year (after a career-high .281 last year, and allowed 83 stolen bases while throwing out only 17 (I believe a career low percentage). Oh, wait:
Refractor. I think he had a card in Update that didn't use this photo. I'm not sure why he'd have a card in Update, but there you go.
I also ended up with this Scott Cousins Chrome Refractor /562. He had a great season, batting .135. Yes, that's sarcasm.
 Mike Stanton had a much better year, batting .262 with 34 home runs. Searching his name on Google reveals several conversations about his massive power.
But this Giant box topper isn't the only insert for the big slugger:
Yeah, that's an autograph. I get the impression this is a pretty good pull, and it's a good end to this break post!

I believe every card above is available for trade.

Except it's not the end. Random video for you (maybe NSFW - graphic violence):


  1. Just picked up one of those Stanton autos. I love it. A good pull indeed.

  2. Nice Stanton auto. That's all I've got. The banana video left me speechless..