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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Topps Update Hanger #1 - let's get busting!

About a week ago, before I put together my Update want list, I bought four of those $9.99 hanging boxes from Target. Why did I pick the $9.99 boxes? I get the same number of cards as two $4.99 rack packs, but fewer inserts and a guaranteed Diamond Giveaway code card. I'm five codes away from 45 rings and my free set - and if you don't want your codes I'd love to save myself some money and take your codes from you! You'd even get any cards I unlock out of the deal, if you want them.

Anyway, this weekend I'm going to take the "easy" route and post a box a day. I'll save you the base cards - you already know what I have!
Yeah, a whole lot of dimp in this box. Not that Prince Fielder, Lou Gehrig, Felix Hernandez are bad, but this seems like a pretty blah pack. Gehrig is off to the awards collection, though, and King Felix is going towards my Kimball set! I still need some Kimballs (this is a different link).

All other cards above are for trade!


  1. Nice Gehrig. Did you get my e-Mails BTW?

  2. I'm being real slow at getting cards out to people right now, but I'd sure like that Carroll liquorfractor.

  3. Anon: if this is Kenny, yes, and sorry I just responded!

    Night Owl: It's in your stack!