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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I should play Uno more often. It's totally awesome. The rules are simple but there's a bit of strategy to winning. And it's always fun to slap down a Draw Four on that cute girl sitting next to you. Okay, when I was eight, that was cool.

This is one of many awesome cards I won from the Jay Barker Fan himself in his Blog Draft Party! I swear the party lasted for over a month, and I'm still getting over the hangover. And what is this tattoo on my left butt cheek?

I don't remember why I chose this particular card over any of the others in the round. It just sort of happened, I think, by luck of the draw. Oh, wait, I know now. This was the wacky round! And Mr. hiflew decided it was what I deserved. Probably rightly so! (For a fun way to waste a few minutes, read the comments on that post.) Kamala sure is scary, though. I was never really into wrestling but I still get a kick out of cards like these.

I'll be showing you the rest of the cards over the next few days!

I feel this video is appropriate for the theme of the card above (scary people in scary costumes):

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