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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Card store hunting: I found a quarter box!

For the first time ever, I found a quarter box at a card shop. Okay, there are quarter (or less) commons at plenty of shops, but this is the first time I've been to a card shop with random quarter cards in boxes. I didn't spend much time looking, but I'll be back later in the week with my updated lists and I'll attack it like a quarter box at a card show. Without my lists, I picked out eight singles. Let's see how I did with the want lists:
 1999 Pacific Prism Diamond Glory Mike Piazza: Not needed. The back of the card has some markings where I suppose another card had been stuck to it.
 1999 Fleer Brilliants Illuminators Richie Sexson: Not needed. This is a beautiful card, which makes it even more of a shame that I don't get to add it to my collection.
 2007 Finest Rookie Finest Moments Mike Napoli: Not needed. I visited the shop last week, and grabbed this in hopes that Napoli might win a World Series MVP award.
 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Neftali Feliz: Not needed. This is another card picked up solely in hopes of adding it to my award collection.
 1998 Topps Mystery Finest Bordered Larry Walker: Needed. Finally, a card I need! This is off to the type collection.
 1998 Finest Power Zone Larry Walker: Not needed. I had high hopes for this fancy card.
 1999 SP Top Prospects Great Futures A.J. Burnett: Needed, thankfully! Burnett pitched a no-hitter in 2001, and records a decent number of strikeouts (he should hit 2000 in the next two years, if he lasts that long) though he's a bit wild. His record isn't great, and neither is his ERA, but he's performed well in clutch situations (such as game four of this year's ALDS). But none of that matters: the card is headed for the type collection.
1997 Pinnacle Inside 40 Something Mo Vaughn: Not needed. A weak finish, but I was iffy on needing this card when I picked it out of the box. I opened half a case of Pinnacle Inside in 1997 (which was 24 cans), so I pulled most of the inserts and parallels then.

So I was two for eight, not the results I was looking for. I can hopefully trade the extras away for cards, so if you see something you want in the six cards I didn't need, let me know. I'm trying to finish my Topps Update and Topps Stickers sets (see yesterday's posts).

I visited three new-to-me card stores in San Jose on Friday, with success at two of them. I'll be heading back soon to browse a bit more!


  1. Can you throw that Napoli and Nefti in my stack?

  2. Three card stores in one city? That beats winning a lottery cause I'd have nowhere to spend the winnings. Only one shop that's pretty much all hockey with no Baseball worth buying.
    Only in Canada.

  3. Brian: honestly, one of them wasn't much of a card store, unless you're into the gaming stuff, but I have to go back for what little baseball they had. The other two are on opposite ends of San Jose. The Bay Area is surprisingly well-stocked with stores that carry baseball cards. I keep discovering new places all the time.