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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sexy woman on cardboard! Again!

Isn't she cute, standing there all coy-like in her tiny string bikini? Jaime Bergman isn't a household name, but she isn't quite a nobody. More like an E-level actress. You know, there's A-level, B-level, D-level (Kathy Griffin), and then people like Jaime here. She had bit parts in a about a dozen and a half movies and TV shows, and was a lead in Son of the Beach (maybe I should have watched that show). She was the 1999 St. Pauli Girl and a Playboy Playmate.

As Paris Hilton would say,

I prefer my women on cardboard to be there because they're actresses or sports figures, but I'll take a Playmate every once in a while. I don't really seek out cards like these - except for Sara Underwood. But that's because she's on Attack of the Show!
I'm not sure what I'll do with this card that came to me courtesy the Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog party. Maybe I'll eventually display it like I do my other non-sport autographs and relics - but that'll have to wait until I get back from Japan. At least I have the scan to remind me of what awesome American products I have waiting for me when I return from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Here's another random WolfgoreShow video for you to end the post.

Super-secret extra-large-text buzz note: the clearance should start in the next 24 hours!


  1. You are on double-secret probation for stealing that card from me.
    Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!!!!

  2. Hah! Make an offer, and it's yours. I'm not that attached to it. Especially if you have, say, Sara Underwood lying around (her, or her autograph, either way is fine).

  3. I'm sorry...were there any words with this post?