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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Card Show Report and Reminder: Richmond and San Leandro

There are two parts to this post, so I'll get the short and sweet part out of the way first.
Altuve Liquorfractor! Now I need some Hope Anniversary, Platinum Anniversary, Black, Gold...
First, a reminder that the semi-annual card show at St. Leander's Church (just across the street from San Leandro BART, plus there's parking on-site available) is TODAY! I will be there at some point in the morning - doors open at 9AM and the show runs 'til 4. Address: 575 W Estudillo Ave (corner of San Leandro Blvd), San Leandro. Admission is $3 and well worth it. Plus, there's a snack bar in the back if you get hungry or thirsty.

Second, a report on the Richmond Hilltop Mall card show.

The show is held on the bottom floor, with most of the dealers set up near JC Penney. If you've been to other mall shows in the San Jose area, or the Tanforan shows, you have an idea of what you'll find. Max was there (it's his show), with his usual cards, photo plaques, etc. There was another dealer with a large bit of football, but the other sellers had non-hobby stuff - some good Christmas gift ideas, certainly, but not many cards.

I arrived around 11am, and despite it being Black Friday, I had no traffic/parking problems. If you're in the area and want to see what Max has available, swing by - but it's not worth a long drive. The show returns December 13-18, and hopefully there will be more card dealers.

I'll show you my finds later. I spent $19, but my money was well-spent. I also picked up a Value Box which you'll see sometime soon.

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