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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baseball is over. Winter sets in. What to do?

As the temperatures drop and the great World Series matchup becomes but a distant memory to many of us, interests move in other directions.

For some, there are other sports.


Okay. Football.


Hm. Okay, to be fair:

What about taking up some sports of your own?
No thanks.

Besides, playing in the snow is cooooold. And you might run into one of these:
Or worse, you could meet this bison.

Well, Tier One is out. Did anyone notice? And Bowman DPP and Sterling will be out within the next month. So there's that. But those aren't my kinds of products.

I still have to prepare for Japan, anyway: (definitely NSFW! but funny)

And there is always time to watch random videos!

I promised another Banana video. Here's the short one. Depending on where you work, NSFW.

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