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Monday, November 7, 2011

Topps Update Hanger #4 - Legendary Liquor and the Red Eye

This post was supposed to run yesterday, but for some reason it didn't. So, I provide you with the last bit of awesomeness that is Topps Update, today.

 Okay, we've reached the end of my four-box bust. I realize that in a couple months, I'll be able to buy a retail box with even more base cards than these four hangers brought for less money. But whatever. I pulled another legend SP cognac parallel. If you're counting, that's THREE IN A ROW. Am I good or what? And this one is Mr. Robinson! And add an Eric Hosmer silver sparkly to the end. All the normal-sized cards are above for trade. Cliff Lee goes to my Kimball set (needs linked). Here are my other Update set needs.

So, red eye? Or did you forget about that part of my title? I noticed there were two types of hanging boxes at Target - one with a yellow stripe down the right side of the front packaging. These cards advertise the exclusive Target red bordered parallels, and I made sure to grab one of those boxes for a type collection card.
Rich Thompson is my keeper. Casey Coleman is for trade.

And that is the end of my Update pack purchases, and probably my last pack purchase until .. hm .. Gypsy Queen 2012? Okay, I'll buy at least one pack of flagship Topps next year.

Cyriak's animations are creepy yet mesmerizing. If you indulge in mind-altering substances and play his videos on large screens, I'm sure the results are even better. But I wouldn't know. So don't ask!


  1. I'd love the strange running Jackie liquor card. But I'm kind of doubting I'd have anything to trade for it.

  2. Mr. Owl, we'll work something out! That is a really strange angle for a card photo, especially with no context.