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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Card store mojo pickups and an A&G State Relic

Robert of $30 a Week Habit alerted me to the fact that I'm in the current Beckett Baseball (December issue - third time this year) so I had to run by the card store to grab a copy. While I was there I browsed the relic offerings and picked up a few.
 This card would have been good about seven years ago, but Willis is on his way out. He's been a member of several teams, including the Giants - he pitched for the Fresno Grizzlies minor league team last year.
 Hargrove was a pretty good player, and led the Indians to the World Series twice as manager.
 Kapler essentially retired this year, after being released by the Dodgers.
 Jim Piersall was a two-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner during his career, but he might have been known more for being somewhat crazy.
 Roger Clemens was a great pitcher but he was also a jerk. Yup. But despite the allegations, he never tested positive for steroids. Yes, that's a bat card for a pitcher.
Speaking of great pitchers, here's a dual relic of mound heroes Nolan Ryan and Steve Carlton. Here's the front.
 Here's the back. Wait, what's that going on with the 2 in 32?
Ah, crap. You know what, I stared at this card when I was buying it, and I never noticed the damage until I went to put it on my scanner. I'm still happy enough with it, I believe. That said, I originally bought the Clemens and Ryan/Carlton to offer to Sam in trade - he's got some cards on hold for me. I can still use the Ryan/Carlton in my own collection if he doesn't want it.

I also saw something really neat at the store. There are a nice quantity of rare pulls in one of the showcases. They are some super-auto-patch mojo cards, but also the fun rarer stuff that I never get my  hands on. There are legend SP variations, coin cards (2011 Heritage, for example), that sort of thing. And there was a single Allen & Ginter State Relic box topper sitting in the case.
It's TINY! I expected each card to be similar in size to a cabinet card, but it's much smaller than a regular card. (Oh, and look, even while I was at the shop, I took a picture of the Carlton side of the card and its damage.) While they're still awesome, the cards are so small I'm a bit disappointed. And yes, he's asking $120 for it. No, I didn't buy it, but someday I will own one of these cards.


  1. I'm a big fan of those "Awards Ceremony" cards. Great design and a checklist that includes some players you don't see too much of, like Mike Hargrove.

  2. Willis was actually with the Reds last year. Fresno in 2010, Reds minor league and then a decent showing at the major league level. Just fyi lol.

    And I would've thought the states were bigger too!

  3. I'm moderately disappointed that the state cards are so small.

  4. Why were you in Beckett? I like that Hargrove card..

  5. Love the Hargrove, like the Kapler and the Ryan/Carlton is awesome (even with the damage). I also thought those state relics were bigger. (That's what she said). Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

  6. Hackenbush: It's a good set, for sure. I think the All-Time Fan Favorites sets were really good with that.

    Mooss: I think I remember reading that. It surprised me that he played for the Grizzlies though, and thus essentially a Giant.

    Napkin: Readers Write, every time.

    PATP: Nicccccccce.