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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Contest Hobbyist... AKA a Great Christmas Gift!

I opened the package a little early for Christmas, but I was pleased to find a small stack of cards that I won from The Card Hobbyist in his one year anniversary contest! I'm not sure how Patrick did it, but I ended up with a card right off my want list, and three other great cards:

I believe the 2007 Heritage Kinsler is a SP (#411 - I don't have my Beckett to check), plus there's a nice 2007 Topps Ethier gold (#1992/2007) and a scary/cool refractorized shot of a football player I don't know! Granted, I don't really know the names of any football players. This guy could be tearing it up right now and I wouldn't know. Is this a $1000 card? Could be (doubt it though - when has a regular refractor been worth $1000?), but I have no idea.

The real keeper in the lot is this "vintage" card:
Yes, "vintage" with "quotation marks" because 1980 isn't quite vintage yet, depending on your point of view. But Nolan Ryan is one of my favorite players, and this card can head right for my collection!

Thanks a ton, Patrick, for the contest and the cool cards! Keep the posts coming! Here's hoping for several more years!

Did you eat too much turkey yesterday? Do you feel like chicken tonight?
Hope you're having a great Black Friday!

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