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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Topps Update Hanger #2 - so much liquor(fractors)

Hey, what's that lurking in the corner? Is that a Retired Short Print Parallel? Why, yes it is! I've pulled so many retired SP cards from Update that I probably should have started a parallel frankenset. All the cards above are for trade except the Kimball! See my Update needs and Kimball needs.


  1. It's weird seeing Greinke in a Royals uni in update since HE DIDN'T PLAY FOR KC THIS SEASON!!!!

    Also, I like the new header. A fan of Kirstin is a friend of mine.

  2. Thanks, Eric! The Kiki card is my favorite. I'm glad you like the header. I haven't mentioned it yet because I've been too busy (which isn't entirely a bad thing).

    I think the Royals Greinke is a horrible byproduct (or perhaps, for some people, a nice reminder?) of including February's cards in an October release.

  3. I suppose I'm gonna make a run at cognac. So please put those to the side for me if you can.