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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Looking through my lens

If you've read this blog since April, you know that I love photography. Some of my photos are basic touristy shots, without much thought, but others are thought-out works of art. And some just end up beautiful without much thought.

I've always imagined my photos might end up on a card set someday. So far, that hasn't happened, but I created some cards for my travels to baseball locations in the LA region. Maybe I'll find time to return to the series soon?

San Jose Fuji asked his readers to share their favorite photos, so here are several (26, yowsers) of mine. I took all of these myself.
 I'm not sure how I captured this bee in a flower, or even when or where I took the photo, but it turned out quite well.
 I took this photograph at a baseball game. I believe this is in Brooklyn, NY. I like the tiny hint of the light tower at the bottom of the photo.
 This was shot at Rickwood Field. I saw the ball stuck in the fence and just took a shot.
 Augusta, Georgia. Freight trains run right down the center of the street on their way to and from South Carolina, over a single-track rail bridge.
 I love this shot of a rose at a Pasadena rose garden.
 Knotts Berry Farm
 Downtown Los Angeles at sunset
 I snapped this off-center shot of a couple girls on a ride atop the Stratosphere Tower.
 Speaking of the Stratosphere Tower, this is the first successful night shot I ever took, from the observation deck. There's just a tiny hint of sunset behind the mountains.
 Hoover Dam. This photo was used in some training materials for a technology company.
 Would you believe I shot this through a window?
 Would you believe I shot this one through a window as well?
 If you live in the Atlanta area, you might be familiar with this old mill just off Sixes Road in Woodstock/Canton. It might be the most-photographed mill in Georgia.
 Watson Mill Bridge. I've given a slightly-cropped version of this photo as a gift before - it's just that nice. At least, I think so.
 I wonder where I took this. Seriously, I enjoyed catching the kid in focus hoping to catch a home run from the (right handed) Boston hitter..
I've done some photography at concerts, and this is by far the best shot I've made. That's Hilary Duff, with dozens of fans screaming and shouting for her. If the lighting hadn't worked out to see the crowd it just wouldn't be the same.

All these photographs were taken in prior to Fall, 2007. I haven't had a chance to go through the literally tens of thousands of photos I've taken since then. Here are a few recent ones:
 Dutch Windmill, San Francisco
 Legion of Honor, San Francisco
 Another view of the Dutch Windmill
 Ocean Beach. As Fuji says, it's hard to mess up a San Francisco sunset. There's a lone windsurfer making his way south (seen towards the right).
 The Painted Ladies.
 I shot this in my backyard! It's best appreciated at fullscreen.
 It's a little underexposed, but Topps can kiss my grits!
 I guarantee you nobody else has a picture of the Ninja (Six Flags over Georgia) shot from above like this! I took this in 1997.

Is it narcissistic to have a post of my favorite photos and they're all mine? I don't think so. Are my pictures pedestrian and reproducible? Most of them, yes. But they're my favorites because I'm proud of them.

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