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Monday, November 21, 2011

The coolest card I found for a nickel!

There are more "valuable" cards in the lot of cards I grabbed from the card store last week, when I paid $25 for a lot of about 600 cards (about 5 cents per card). There are refractors and shiny inserts and Nolan Ryans and cards serial numbered to 99 or less and cards that just never seem to show up at card shows.

But I had to keep my excitement silent when I happened to see this:
How does a card like this end up in a quarter box? Okay, so its book value is $2, but come on, this was like a $100 card in 1991. (Seriously, can someone look in a 1991-era Beckett and see what it was worth - it's card #33.)

What makes it so special? Compare it with this card:
Yes, if you didn't notice Juan Gonzalez batting the wrong way, and the 9 in his jersey being backwards, I found the reverse negative card. And a few cards later, the regular card was in the same row. So I tossed them both into the pile (what's a couple more cards when building up a $25 lot?). Sure, it's not as popular as the Rick Face card, or as valuable as the Dale Murphy reverse negative, but I'm glad to have this in my collection.
That really, truly was the greatest scene ever committed to film. Thank you, Troma, for bringing such great... um. Yeah. Did you notice the same kid dies twice in this clip? So that's an error, just like the card in this post! See, I have videos that somehow relate to the content of the post.

So, what was that card worth, at its highest price? What would you pay for the reverse negative card today?


  1. I have a November 1990 issue of Baseball Cards magazine (with Gregg Jeffries on the cover WOWZA) it shows $4 for the reverse negative. Perhaps it skyrocketed later as Gonzalez got better.

    I do remember searching through my Donruss cards looking for that one though, so at least it is memorable.

    word verification: acards (much better than bcards)

  2. Cool!

    And what movie is that from? Lol it's an insane video.

  3. hiflew: thanks a ton. Maybe it was once he became popular that the card jumped in price. I remember the Nolan Ryan reverse negative cards being pretty popular too, all after the '89 UD reverse negative craze.

    Mooss: Troma's "Beware: Children at Play" (1989). Never seen it! Probably never will! Especially since I can just watch this scene whenever I want?

  4. Cool card! I remember this from way back.

  5. I would not pay more than 5 cents for ANY 1990 Donruss card.

  6. I don't think the reverse negative was ever worth anything close to $100. I have about a dozen of them myself and they aren't really that uncommon. I'm actually shocked it's even "worth" $2 in the book now. Still, it's kind of neat to have them side by side in the binder.

  7. PATP: Yeah, a little bit of an exaggeration there on my part, but I know it was worth more at some point.

    night owl: you'd pay a whole nickel for a card from 1990 Donruss? I have a couple thousand in storage that I'll be glad to get rid of for a nickel each!