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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is NOT (quite) a baseball card: Upper Deck Chili Peppers?

In the early-to-mid naughts, when card manufacturers were fighting each other not unsimilar to the way they did in the early nineties, a whole slew of awesome oddball inserts were made. Upper Deck loved releasing cards in tins, and they took it one step further in 2005 with Origins.

I don't want to spend too much time talking about the release, but the cards were packaged in tins that were about the same size as a smaller hobby box. Only 20 cards came in the tin (including three hits), though, along with a nostalgic sign. I would love to have a full set of the signs, because each one has its own unique design. They're about 5" x 7", so with a little care they can be displayed on a wall. There are 41 tins total.

I think this was a great way to make a box topper, and the set serves as a match with the four different tins they sold the packs in originally. The Blalock above is a good design (I like the art deco representation of the stadium, even if it doesn't match the rest of the layout) but the others I've seen look even better.

If you have any of these laying around and you're looking for trade bait for me, these would certainly work!

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