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Friday, November 18, 2011

Trade with Ryan L: What's in a name?

Did you miss the announcement of my CLEARANCE? Pick up multiple teams for an awesome deal! There are plenty left, including several big teams and a big stack of football cards!

It's Friday, Friday, gotta show trades on Friday...

Oh dear. This medication has gone to my head.

You see, I've caught a little cold in the past day - don't worry, I'm not sneezing on your cards, or even handling them - and I took some generic Robitussin type of pill. It appears to be doing the trick tonight (remember, I write around midnight, for a 3AM local-time post), but it seems to have some after-effects. I was typing earlier, and what should have been Goudey came out "gppdey" and it took two more tries to get it right. And when I finally had the energy and motivation to scan some cards, I couldn't help but think even more-goofy thoughts than usual.

"What will I do with these cards in a post?" I asked myself.

"Well, this stack came from reader Ryan L. We share a first name, so why not see who shares names with the guys on these cards?"
So here you go.
 I know exactly who to start this out!
Candace Cameron! I enjoyed Full House almost as much as my neighbor/best friend did, but I preferred middle sister Stephanie. DJ was older than I was and I didn't relate. Stephanie had problems that I had. At least, problems that a guy her age could have.
 Well, the easy answer to Brayan Villarreal is Oscar Villareal. I don't believe there's a relation. But that's too easy. I'm going with J.R. who had a part in Akeelah and the Bee.
I've never seen the movie, and I have no idea who J.R. is. I'm just that committed to my research.
 Gene Tenace, hrm. (Awesome, a 1973 set need!) What famous actor has the first name Gene?
Gene Autry, eat your heart out. Wilder is the Gene that matters! I still need to buy a copy of Willy Wonka on DVD before I head to Japan.
 Oh, no name here. What to do? I can work with this card.
Remember the movie You've Got Mail? With Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Incidentally, Meg Ryan is the oldest woman I've ever been attracted to, I think. At least, back when she was in movies like this and Sleepless in Seattle.
 This is getting tougher.
 The city of Boston was founded in 1630.
Rachel Boston was born in 1982. She was 1999 Miss Tennessee Teen USA, whatever that means. If you watched American Dreams, she was Beth Pryor. You might have seen her in small parts on several other TV shows.
 Bill Mazeroski is good to see after those cards without people named.
While they were made on a budget of basically $0, the Mr. Bill Show episodes from SNL were pretty fun!
Let's finish off strong.
Well, as strong as I can think of. Sure, there are plenty of Joes and Morgans, and I probably could have gone with Morgan Freeman. But I don't think I can afford to have him voice over this post (how cool would that be?), so X-Play host Morgan Webb gets the spot. Besides, she's cute and in a nice dress. Yeah.

Ryan did a great job of hitting several of my want lists. My 2011 Topps set is approaching completion, as is my Historical Moments subset. The 1973 set won't be done anytime soon, but every little card helps. And my awards endeavor is just a litle bit more complete.

Thanks Ryan! I haven't mailed your package yet. I'll be doing my best to get to the post office Friday (I guess that's today)!

Goofy video of the day:
I don't know what to say about that, other than it's somewhat humorous. Not as good as the Cat Lady.

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