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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Value Boxing: 2011 Topps Update and Bowman Chrome! Pluck those Harper strings!

I found a couple value boxes in the Hilltop Mall WalMart after going through the card show in Richmond, and talked myself into buying one.

Positives: It had a guaranteed code card, plus the possibility for more. It guaranteed an exclusive Harper Chrome card. I have not opened any 2011 Bowman Chrome packs.

Negatives: It's $15 - the same amount I spent at the entire Richmond card show. I only need a handful of Update singles to finish my set, so the odds were against needing the base cards. I would end up with even more inserts/parallels I don't need. I could be paying $15 for just the Harper and the code card, with everything else being extras.

The results:
The five packs of Topps were a bust as far as set building goes. The inserts and parallels weren't helpful either - Cahill is already in my collection. I can send the Mortensen and Arencibia to a good home, and maybe somebody would like to trade for the Irvin?
 I like how you can't see the names on these scans. It makes them look mysterious! That would be Jacoby Ellsbury on the left, and Adam Lind on the right. I don't think I need any of these cards. I need to verify/update the type collection list to see where I really stand with BoChro.
Wait, something of some value! An on-card autograph! Nice! Not as nice as, say, four more code cards in the Topps packs. Or maybe a color prospect refractor. But (just like the three cards above) this could fit in my collection, or serve as trade bait. 

Not bad, but not what I hoped for. Although I have yet to unlock that 1989 Topps goodness from the code! (Hey, all I care about are the rings, anyway!)

Remember when Stephanie Tanner called Kimmy Gibbler a whore? Neither did I.
Full House for the win. And the laugh at the end: perfect.

And to close out the Thanksgiving weekend, I must post this:


  1. Id be willing to take the irvin off your hands

  2. I'd love to pick up the Nicasio and Mortensen if they are available.

  3. What would you want for the Havens auto, if it is available?