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Sunday, April 24, 2011

LA or (Pack) Bust 8

More 2003 Stadium Club
 Franklin Gutierrez FY, Manuel Ramirez FY gold.What is Roy Oswalt doing buried in the pitchers mound? That's such a strange photo. And somebody please get Manuel a new hat! Has he had that hat since he was 12?
Marlon Byrd FS, Wayne Lydon FY gold. The Raul Ibanez card has a blue tint to it. But that's a good Chipper card, and I like the Randy Winn bunting card.


  1. What a great photo of Oswalt. I love those oddball photos that you don't regularly see on cards. I guess the photographer was in the first base dugout, but it appears as if he is lying down on the first base line.

  2. Yeah it's quite a low angle. I remember some of the photos taken around Babe Ruth's time, where the photographers would be feet away from the batter's box in foul territory.